About Deb

Me as FlameDameI have been making jewelry for about 8 years now.  I started off rubberstamping–go figure–but I joined a small group of women in Chicago for a monthly ‘creative’ meeting.  It was too hard to schlep all my stuff along and since they did beads, I thought I’d try that.  I ended up being the one with a business, and into a lot of jewelry related things.  I currently make finished jewelry, make lampwork beads, work with PMC, do chainmaille and teach PMC and chainmaille as well. 

I’ve taken PMC classes with Celie Fago and CeCe Wire.  My certification in PMC was with CeCe.  They are both wonderful and I’d highly recommend them if you’re looking for great PMC classes.

I’ve taken lampworking classes with Jeri Warhaftig, Anne Rickets, Kate Fowle-Meleny, Brad Pearson, Lisa St. Martin, John Winters, Tink Martin…and the list goes on.  I LOVE taking classes.  Can you tell?  I work in soft glass but am slowly being dragged to the dark side-boro.  Sooner or later I’ll try it but I just feel like I’ve got so much to learn in soft glass still.

I guess I’m pretty happy that all my stuff wouldn’t fit into the little carrier that I wanted it to. 

And here’s one of my many muses…flaming-freckles1.gif


7 responses to “About Deb

  1. I love the flaming glasses, Deb! Love you too. Will post some beads asap… camera battery is charging.

  2. Hah, if that cat gets anymore accessories, you’ll have to build a little kitty closet for him!

  3. Deb, it’s amazing how much you and Freckles look alike in your avitars although Freckles is a bit more animated. LOL! Both cuties!

  4. Hey this is a cool place, Deb. Lots of good info and lots of pretty pictures. Thanks for turning us on to it.

  5. Hello Deb, I just looked at my roster for Bead and Button and you’re not on it. Thank you for the nice compliment on your blog 4/1. Stop in my room and say hi. Carol

  6. Hi Carol! I will stop in. I had so much fun in your class and I wish I could take it again this year. Too little time and way too little money…

  7. I’m so glad I got to meet you Deb, you are such a nice person. : )

    Hope to meet up for lunch soon!

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