About Katie

 Hi, I’m Katie Assenmacher and I’m a bead addict. LOL
That’s pretty much the truth, I love beads so much I wanted them all and I had to start making more.

I started designing jewelry because I have different tastes and no one was making the type of jewelry I was looking for. As I’ve learned I tended to buy stones and beads that caught my eye or spoke to my inner muse. Then I held onto the piece until I understood exactly what it was saying so I could make the jewelry in my mind appear in real life


I started off with seed beads and off-loom weaving and moved into wire wrapping to handle the bigger pieces I was planning in my head. I tried a little polymer clay but I didn’t get the effect that I was looking for. So I decided that glass was the way to go. I’ve only been making glass beads for about a year now but I’m pretty happy with my progress.

I like to design for people I know. I think I get my best results after getting to know someone and then sitting in the middle of my stash, so to speak, to design a piece especially for them. Sometimes after I finish a piece I can tell exactly who is going to want it.

When I have to walk away from my jewelry I have a number of options to keep me busy. I like photography and digital effects, I sew, knit, crochet, tat, cross stitch, make my own cards (using rubber stamp, scrapbooking and embossing techniques) and I’ve started to play with stained glass techniques.

I’ve decided to market some of my creative efforts so I have a website and an etsy shop



I like to explore different styles, but I always like my pearls and I’m really enjoying my derivative of steampunk. One of my many goals is to take some PMC classes and maybe get certified in it. And on the top of my list is some more glass classes.
























2 responses to “About Katie

  1. Katie I had to laugh at the bead addict bit. Isn’t that so, so true! Welcome!

  2. Thanks, Deb. I think I’m going to like it here.
    And hey, if it’s got a hole in it, it must be a bead, right?

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