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Support our Artists

There’s ‘someone’ out there who, for some unknown reason, is making all sorts of ridiculous accusations about other lampworkers and other artisians.  If it weren’t so awful for these people it would be totally amusing because it just looks like a total psycho is doing this.

I am going to put a link to the site where the nutjob is doing all this although I kind of hate to do this.  I don’t really want to feed her psycho ego by getting her more hits on the site but I think that people need to see this for what it is.  It’s a vindicive act by a nasty awful person.  Please financially support the people she is trying to hurt if you possibly can.  If you are a member of Lampwork, etc, there is a thread on there offering support as well.


And Yet another….


Hope to see you there!


First Art Fair of the Season – Come See Me!


Yet Another….. Art Fair Invite

Tammy L Deck : ArtWear from Westmont, Illinois

Hats, Purses, Scarves, Shawls, Garments & Jewelery

Felting, Handweaving, Crochet, Knitting, Fused Glass & Lampwork Beads

When creativity has left the building

I had 2 year bout with this…during my father’s losing battle with cancer….and a year later when my business mentor faught and lost her battle in just about the same time frame.  During this period, I felt like a creative slug.  Just going through the motions day to day.

I couldn’t see it at the time…but that’s what actully helped.  I Kept going through my creativity motions.  Kept my hands and eyes working in my medium…even tho my heart was breaking.  Just kept going through the motions.  Kept going into the sewing room.   Kept surrounding myself with my “creativity stuff”.  I even took classes in a new medium (they called it lampwork..hee hee)

Do I feel that I created “art” during this time…nope. 

One day….I was done with grief.  I had a dream that night for a new direction in my felt work….creativity had re-entered the building.  sigh.

I realized after this experience…that I needed regular intervention and peer support.  We tried offering a group with an assignment based approach…it was good for a little while… but then, several of us began to feel angry and down on ourselves (I could never complete my assignments on time!)  After some time had passed…some wounds had healed…we tried again with the group we call  “Creativity Continuum”.   There are no assignments or due dates (unless they are self imposed)  We meet once a month with a “coach” to keep the meeting on task…but we always have an activity….that makes you use your hands differently….your eyes differently….different materials…different approaches.  Our main goal is to keep our creativity muscles moving so we’ll always be ready for the “work-out” when creativity returns….because you know it will be a work-out!


Tammy Deck



The “Missing Piece(s)”

Hi all, I’ve been fusing like crazy lately, and thought maybe I’d share some of my favorites with you. I have a series I call “The Missing Piece”. Here a some of my most recent “Pieces”.

This next one is larger, it will be framed as a finished piece.

Hope you all like them as much as I do. They are in my Etsy store.


REALLY off track!

So, after following JoJo’s lead and getting into ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards), I decided to go the lazy route … uh…. make that the cheap route (creating can get expensive, you know!) and try my hand at digital scrapbooking.

New camera in hand, I took the girls to Dawson Lake in Moraine View State Park last week, and snapped a few photos, then I filled up my hard drive with scrapbook layouts and Photoshop brushes and new fonts, and went to work. This is my first attempt at digital scrapbooking. It’s not the look I was going for, but it’s not too shabby for a first attempt!

(As a side note, the green butterflies in the larger butterfly were Ceil’s addition!) Please click on the thumbnail for the “in your face” size!

Dawson Lake montage