About Mari

I’m 50! Ya, 50! My ambition is to be a good teacher, creative artist, dear friend, loving wife, good Mom, fun sister, cool aunt and savvy businessperson . If I do any of that right, somebody wake me up, I’m obviously dreaming.

OK you want details? Hang on, do we have room for all this?

I was born a poor sharecropper… oh, ok I’ll get serious.

Started my career as a photographer back when silver was pennies an ounce, before digital photography. I got a degree in Commercial Photography, set up a Portrait Studio in my home in Omaha, did that for 5 yrs. til my DH Keith changed jobs and we moved to Grand Island, NE. My artist self was a fish out of water there, met nice people though, lived there 2 yrs. til my DH Keith moved us to Plymouth, MI. That’s where life got better… I happened upon a small stained glass store, took a 4 hr. Hothead class. I was hooked. At the same time my job was being phased out, and I started selling my beads on eBay to support my glass habit. Pretty soon I learned HTML and set up my website. Took custom orders and sold on eBay until we moved back to Chicago, where Keith and I opened Blue Fire Beads & Jewelry, a retail bead store and glass studio. We now host workshops and I teach seedbeading, stringing, wireworking, fusing and glass beadmaking. I’d love to have another few heads for all the hats I wear … and could I have another few hands?

Honestly, I love what I do, I’d just like to have more time and more money… time and money. I’d like to have more balance, too.

So, just time, money and balance, please.

I’d like to also have better organization and more drive. So, all I need is more time, money, balance, organization and drive.

I almost forgot … I truly NEED more focus. So just the time, money, balance, organization, drive and focus.

What I probably really need is better chemicals. Ritalin maybe.


2 responses to “About Mari

  1. Mar… did you want a side of fries with that?

  2. Please contact me, as I am unable to contact you on your store phone. I just met Karen, from It’s a Beadiful Thing, and she told me that you might be interested in selling some of your torch work equipment.
    Please contact me at you earliest convenience.


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