Who we are and what we do.

My name is Deb Kauzlarich.  I am a jewelry maker, PMCer, chainmailler, beadmaker in the Chicago area.  I am continually finding new things that intrigue me and wanted to share that with you.  Lately felting has come into my life.  Now there’s a workout!  My inspiration for this blog is Lori Greenberg with “Watch Us Create.”
We all consider ourselves artists and hope that the world sees us that way too.  All of us have different ways and styles of work even though we are basically using the same medium when we use glass.  Most of us also have other media that we work in as well.  Fiber, polymer clay, wire working, even making skin care products…we are a diverse group!  I hope as you follow our growth you will definitely see how we are very similar but how different we are as well.  One of the things that we all do best is encourage each other in whatever we ARE doing. 

Many of us got to know each other by going to Open Torch at Blue Fire Beads in New Lenox, Il.  We all start looking forward to OT generally on the way home from the one that just happened.  LOL BFB has classes in lampworking as well as PMC, chainmaille and seedbeading.  We also get our  inspiration from Tammy at TLD Designs in Westmont.  Tammy is a fiber artist extraordannaire IMHO!  I think I spent most of my first felting class there saying,  “OMG this is sooooo coooooool.”   TLD offers a variety of classes as well.  Felting, PMC, lampworking, bead crochet…these are just a sampling of the classes offered.  We definitely get some good inspiration in the Chicagoland area between these two places!

We will have lots of pictures of beautiful work (I hope) and be able to use this blog to help us grow as artists.  We’d love to have you along with us for the journey so bookmark us and come back often.

Deb Kauzlarich


3 responses to “Who we are and what we do.

  1. I just happened upon this site through blurb on Lampwork Etc. about needle felting. I am a lampworker who’s recently become addicted to needle felting as well as glass. This is a great site! Love all the info and the eye candy !

  2. Just found this through artwhim’s post on LE – I’m pretty jealous – I was *thinking* about trying out needlefelting up at TLD, but between the glass and the kids, I just couldn’t find time for another artform right now. Maybe at some point later in life…

  3. deb… awesome blog…
    so glad I found you guys…
    mona & the girls

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