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Age and Creativity

Hmmm, I guess I’m pretty solidly in middle age now. I’ve gotten the horrifying mailing from Aarp. Aren’t we all surprised to realize we’ve reached that age? I laughingly call myself and my sisters old ladies.

But creatively things are different. I’ve always been the member of the family with different color choices and fashion sense. My sister said she would pick a style of shirt and look for the color combination that she would absolutely not wear and buy that one for me. And danged if I didn’t love it.

However, when I was very young I was shy and not very confident in myself. I would dress myself differently but I didn’t trust that those choices might appeal to anyone else. So any artistic voice I had at that time was filtered through my need to please people.

Then one day when I was worrying about how people thought about me my brother said “*%#@* ’em if they can’t take a joke!”. Silly as it might seem – lights went on. I didn’t need to please anyone else with my art. I just needed to make what I wanted.

Slowly, I learned to listen to the voice in my head and find the pictures in there that it wants me to make in the real world. And every dang one of those pictures is a reflection of me. I am most pleased when I’ve managed to make a piece look like the picture in my head. But sometimes I am pleasantly surprised at the attempt that didn’t come close.
Lately I seem to have come full circle. I design jewelry. Generally I like to make pieces that I would wear. [I say that but I don’t wear a lot of jewelry at all, lol.] And it sells, it surprises me that other people really like it, but they do. With the realization that other people value my creative vision I’ve started designing for how I see people in my head. [Does that make sense to anyone else?]

So, to get back to the point, with age my creativity has grown. I never would have made some of the pieces I make now 20 or 30 years ago. I’ve allowed my creativity full rein to dip her little toes in whatever pond, style, medium that takes her fancy and I’ve gone along for the ride. I can’t wait to see where she takes me next.



I haven’t been feeling very creative lately. On top of all the usual economic woes and job seeking issues, my daughter has been deployed to Iraq. In the midst of learning to deal with being an Army mom my muse seems to have become very quiet. Not altogether silent but pretty danged hard to hear.
So, to work my way around this issue I’ve taken to sitting at my torch and practicing new techniques, or trying techniques that I’ve read about but not been shown.
I haven’t been able to spend as much time as usual at the torch but the latest technique I’ve been playing with has been hollow vessels. I was gifted with a 1/4″ hollow mandrel and, since I like to work small I got some 1/8″ tubing and made 3 more hollow mandrels of that size.
I’ve made about four different vessels so far and I’m enjoying the heck out of it. It’s like I can’t believe I’m making them, you know.
They certainly aren’t ready for selling yet but I will wear the first one I made. That one’s mine and no one else gets it. LOL
No pictures, yet. I want to make a couple more and then take pictures of all of them to show my progress and improvements. All except for the one I had to break off the mandrel because I wasn’t careful enough keeping the bead release all the way to the end of the mandrel. That’s a good lesson learned.
When I’m comfortable I want to make a few Christmas ornaments and then a few hollow globe pendants. The hollow globes are because my daughter sent me 2 carats worth of teeny tiny accent diamonds and I think it would be very cool to put five or six in a globe pendant. And of course, when I mentione my idea to my daughter, she wants one too. LOL

I’m here too

Thanks Deb, I’m excited to be part of this.