About Kathie

I’m really glad to be part of the MCC with all you talented people.  I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. 

When I was younger, I no artistic ability at all.  I had a mother that was an excellent seamstress and artist.  Over the years, I tried to develop any skills that I may have and did a lot of coloring and played with color.  I tried to learn how to sew three times with no sucess and then one day it just clicked!

My artistic and creative side started with sewing then moved on to cross-stitch, needlepoint and expanded to Japanese Silk & Metal embroidery with several other techniques.  When I had my children, I learned stained glass which I made and sold.  From there I went on to ceramics and sold my designs at craft fairs.  Quilting came next because I could not say no to all those glorious fabrics that I could cut and manipulate!  I then thought polymer clay was neat and dabbled in that and who can say no to rubber stamps…why they could be used in a variety of my interests.  This kept me busy for quite some time.

One day I was in a silk & metal class and they were doing something terrific with beads.  They were making these wonderful amulet bags, so I asked them if they would teach me.  I was hooked!  (Oh, did I tell you I did rug hooking?)  I became familiar with eBay and saw all those wonderful lampwork beads that would just look so great in my designs.  I wanted to buy all of them each week, but I couldn’t afford them.  I thought, I can make those and have all the beads I want.  I took a lampworking class and practiced at home and discovered other people that did this and now I take as many classes as I can.  I have recently gotten interested in all forms of Metal Clay and Metalworking.  I just love to design and create.  Over the years, I spent my time designing and teaching quilting , needlework, and seed beading.  

Wondering if I still do all those things still?  Not quite, I do quilting, lampworking, beading, needlepoint, rubber stamping, metal clay & metalworking, but still have the stash to prove I did all those other things too!  And to relax, I’m an avid reader with a library of  500 books.  I do have a new interest that seems to be taking up most of my time, my first grandchild, Lana. 





Lana Renee Miller

Lana Renee Miller


One response to “About Kathie

  1. Welcome Kathie! Your work is absolutely beautiful and your Lana is just too adorable! She looks like a happy little thing. I love her little smile.

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