About Jo

me1.jpgGreetings! My name is Joanna Mueller and I am in love with the art of melting glass and turning it into whatever I want to. I got hooked about 3 years ago, bought myself a lampworking kit, and haven’t stopped since. I began working in softglass. About a year and a half after I started lampworking, I took a boro class from Brent Graber at my friend Mari Johnson’s studio. The moment I lifted that boro rod to the flame, I knew that boro was the glass for me. Sure, I dabble with soft glass every now and again, mostly Bullseye, but my heart remains true to boro.  I am currently working on a mini cc with one oxy-con.  I hope to add another oxy-con in spring!
I also make jewelry and love incorporating beads and wire into fabric jewelry. I knit neckropes for big hole beads and am now also getting into vintage copper filigree and freeform designs. I live in Illinois with my husband and son, who are also very creative. I’ve been published in BeadStyle Magazine three times, and have recently been published in the Flow’s Women In Glass issue. I feel truly blessed to have found this form of art, and hope to continue to learn and express.


2 responses to “About Jo

  1. Great….another blog to follow!!

    Love you and your work!! 😉

  2. Why thanks, little dragon. Yep, another blog to follow, with lots of information and eyecandy!
    Thanks for the comments!

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