About Sheri

My name is Sheri, I live in Yorkville, Illinois (a western suburb of Chicago). I am a proud mother of three girls and very happy wife of a long time. We are a dog loving family and have 2 little dogs right now. They too are girls.(my poor husband)

As far back as I can remember, I enjoyed “crafting” things.  Until recently though, I didn’t realize the title of “Artist” was actually what I was. I began in little girl type “crafts” then graduated to woodworking, and painting, (holiday items were always a big hit) Beading, and jewelry making.

My favorite medium right now is glass. I began in fusing, mainly to figure out how to make the pendants we were buying from someone else to sell in our gift shop.  I fell in love with the ability to manipulate hot glass.

I still fuse quite often, I enjoy making odd shapes that can’t be cut in a traditional way. I had the “urge” to learn to make more 3-dimensional items with the glass, and took a lamp-working class at TLD Design Center in Westmont Illinois. I learned the basic skills for glass bead-making. I LOVE it!!  I knew then that I could do a lot in fusing with my lampwork pieces, so I took another class at Blue Fire Beads in New Lenox, IL.  I learned how to make glass items off mandrel (no hole for stringing). Now I am incorporating my 3-D items into my fusing.

I recently took another class at Blue Fire Beads on PMC with DebKauz. Oh my goodness!! Now I have something else to incorporate with my glass!!!

Hopefully I won’t find anything new soon to take up much of my time. I am quite happy where I am.


3 responses to “About Sheri

  1. Welcome Sheri! I can’t wait until you put in some pictures of your fused glass. It’s amazing! Those puzzle pieces are TDF.
    We are glad to have you here at MCC and really look forward to seeing your work.
    I had a lot of fun in the class yesterday too. 🙂

  2. What a proud mom I am! Sheri has loved her ability to create beautiful glass, best of all none are alike.

  3. Congrats Sheri!! I am so glad that you are doing something you love, not to mention, your stuff is beautiful! I have a ton of happy crafting memories that you and I shared! Best wishes, Laurie

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