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More bead crochet

Patty (Aunt Patty to kitty Velcro) came yesterday to teach me to bead crochet.  Turns out all the stuff I was pulling out was right after all.  It just looks like crap for the first few rows and then all comes together.  So for all my whining and complaining, I was OK after all.

Now I just have to get all the seed beads I want at Mari’s Trunk Sale on Saturday.  I never do anything halfheartedly so  the hundreds of tubes of seed beads I already have just won’t do.  I’ll have to have hundreds of tubes more to make me happy.  Can you ever have too many beads–seed or otherwise?  It’s like having too much glass.  Impossible.


Bead crochet update

Well, I still can’t do it.  LOL 

 I’m actually restringing my practice one because I think part of the problem is the junk I was using to string it on.  I know this is going to work, right?


Grrrrr…Bead Crochet

I am not a stupid person.  At least I don’t think I am.  But I just cannot get this.  I used to be able to do it after it got started for me and had no trouble but I just can’t get the damn thing started.  I’ve got books.  I’ve got websites with perfect directions.  I’ve got every size crochet hook ever made.  Well, maybe not quite but I have a few.  The latest set of beads I strung are huge.  They must be size 3 if beads come in size 3.  I am determined I am going to figure this out.  Our Patty and Ellen Black have both told me they’d help me but I am impatient (as we all know…) and I want to do it NOW.  Maybe after my Cheerios and coffee my brain will be functioning better and it will finally kick in.  Please send me bead crochet white light.  Maybe send the beads a little too.  They might need it more. 😉