About Dianna

My name is Dianna Trout and I’m from Central Illinois. 

How did I come to be a bead maker?  I’ve always been interested in sculpture.  In high school I took a cake decorating class.  For our final cake, we were to make a tiered cake.  While everyone else made cakes that were pretty and had flowers and strings, I made a jungle scene complete with icing elephants, lions, and monkeys!  The second tier was a tree house for the Tarzan and Jane type frosting people.  At 16, I made my first wedding cake.  I really thought this was what I wanted to do, but most people asked for more traditional cakes and while roses and lace are pretty, they just weren’t my speed.  I liked putting big chocolate bows on cakes and doing crazy colors and shapes.  I needed something creative that allowed me to go out in my own direction without being fenced in by tradition. 

The work for my own wedding got me interested in jewelry again.  We had a difficult time finding the exact beads that I wanted for my dress and the jewelry, so we ended up doing a lot of research and quite a bit of bead dyeing!  Shortly after this, my mother and I decided to start a bead business.  While looking for something new and exciting to add to our inventory I came across “lampwork beads”.  As I started to research what exactly these intricate glass beads were, I found that there was a beginning lampwork class in New Lenox, IL at Blue Fire Beads.  Mari taught me how to make beads and I was instantly hooked!  I went home and purchased everything I would need to get started.  

I’ve come a long way from those wonky little class beads.  Now, I work mostly in sculpture.  I make a lot of fun beads for the holidays.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I always make lots of fun and creepy creations.  I make the occasional round bead, but not too often.  If I do make round beads, they are usually floral beads with many layers.


4 responses to “About Dianna

  1. Hey Dianna… I absolutely love your embroidery and your beads. Am glad we’re friends, even if we only see each other once in a blue moon!

  2. … or even once in a Blue Fire!

  3. Nice work!
    My last name is Trout, too!

  4. I am glad you were my student and even gladder you’re my friend. Your re-do of our logo is outstanding and Keith wears his new shirts everyday. This year in Tucson, we got so many compliments on his logo shirts.. because it’s so much larger and more legible it encourages people to engage in conversation. We met a nice couple that way who also own a beadstore. It was the logo that started us talking.
    groovy coolness, too, of course. :cD When you coming up?



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