About Tina

My name is Tina Lamasney. I am from Missouri and I have been Lampworking for about 2 years now.I first started my journey as an artist with polymer clay and from there branched into glass.There is something so soothing to me in the way the glass melts and forms into new shapes.Right now I am still torching with a HotHead but hope to move up to a bigger torch that will melt Boro someday.I am completely self-taught and have never taken a class.

On the home front I am a Wife and the mother of 5 beautiful children.I will be attending college this Fall to begin the long process of becoming a Veterinarian.


One response to “About Tina

  1. Wow! We get out own Vet, too?? There’s a boatload of critters between us all. Patty does polymer clay too. I hope you both compare some notes. Welcome!

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