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I present……..a video! Finally

This is me making a simple implosion pendant.  The video is about 10 minutes long.


Diva Custom Cord Maker

My new favorite tool is the Diva Custom Cord Maker.  I picked this up at Blue Fire Beads last weekend and haven’t put it down since!  The kit comes with everything you need except fibers.  You need seven lengths of fibers.  I used about 42″ for each one.  Here is the kit with the fibers wound onto the spools.  Fiber Necklace Supplies

When you wind the spools, leave about six inches unwound and tie the ends in a knot.  Pull the knot through the bottom of your disk (3 with different hole sizes are included) then attach the included clip to the knot for weight.  Getting Started

Now, flip the disk over so the clip is underneath and put the fibers in each slot.  The order doesn’t matter and there will be one empty spot.Arranging fibers  Now, you can start weaving!  Count three spaces from the blank space, grab that fiber and move it to the blank spot.  Turn the new blank spot towards yourself, count three spaces and move that fiber.  Repeat these steps while occasionally giving the braid a little tug.  

Here, my cord is about 3 inches long. About 3 inches done   Cord Up Close

About 35 minutes later, I’ve got about 23 inches of cord.  Finished Cord  At this point I can tie the end and my cord is ready to use. 

Here are some of my cords.  I’ve used lots of furry, textured fibers. This is the one I was working on it the above pictures.The finished fiber cord    necklace-4.jpg     necklace-5.jpg     necklace-6.jpg     necklace-7.jpg

This one was made using C-Lon for a really delicate look.necklace-2.jpg

This one is very thick.  I used 14 strands instead of 7. necklace-3.jpg

I took these pictures while I was working on the cord, so as you can see, I’m in the living room with Thumper who’s watching TV!  🙂

Glass Demos

Dianna working on an implosion pendant

Today I went to my old high school to do lampworking and glass blowing demos. I managed to not set anything (including the kids) on fire.  I did get a little carried away on one of my pendants, however, and managed to give myself a little “tan” from the torch.  We had kids from 6th grade and up coming into watch.  Of course, the 6th graders were more interested in my water jar and the fact that the water bubbled when I threw a piece of hot glass in it than what I was melting.Adding bail to heart pendantThe students had watched some videos on Chihuly an another large scale glassblower so I was trying to give them a little taste of what can be done with glass on a smaller scale.  I started with boro, since that’s what I’ve been working on lately.  Unfortunately, when I attempted to move on to soft glass and pull a stringer, my gather dripped right off the rod!  So embarrasing, but they didn’t seem to mind too much. 

I did some implosion pendants, hearts, basic beads, a little glassblowing, and some sculptural pieces.  I attempted to take requests until someone asked for a monkey!  One of the first requests was for a blown vessel.  Of course!  I haven’t done those since I took Tink’s vessel class.  The first one was a total disaster, but the second was wasn’t too bad.  I almost blew the end right out of the first one!  I also did a witch face complete with creepy smile and froggy eyes, fish and a turtle pendant.

 BLowing vessel  Blown Vessel    Adding handle to blown vessel    

implosion-pendant.jpg   implosion-pendant-2.jpg   implosion-pendant-3.jpg   implosion-pendant-4.jpg

fish-pendant.jpg   rounding-bead.jpg   turtle-pendant.jpg

It was a pretty fun day and I hope the students got a new appreciation for smaller sculptures and bead making. 

Ok, so no video yet.

Well, I’m just not good at uploading videos I guess.  I have been working on hearts the last two weeks and had a nice little video done, but can’t manage to upload it.  So, you’re going to get some pictures instead.  I’m still working on getting my colors right, but so far it’s been pretty fun.

  april-rain.jpg  Well, I’m having trouble uploading pictures too……hmmph!  I’ll attempt to add more pictures tomorrow.