Fantasy job

Flaming hot blog wanted to know what your fantasy job would be.  How about it?  Would it have anything to do with a torch?  Hot glass?  Lots of gold and silver and precious jewels?  Would you have the dream studio of a lifetime with ALL the fabulous tools and a gazillion torches and workstations for 10?  Hmmmmm…what would I be/want?

My fantasy job is…



…to be a major league pitcher.(OK. Shut up.  Stop laughing.)  Or a drummer in a very successful rock and roll band (read Rolling Stones…).  ROFLOL!  Yep.  I would LOVE to be a major league pitcher but I’d have to be a really, really good pitcher, not anything just run of the mill.  I adore baseball.  The drummer bit is up there too but way behind the pitcher bit.  Nope.  Not a torch involved in it all.  Of course, as a fabulously successful major league pitcher I wouldn’t have time to torch.  Maybe when I retired, after my shoulder surgery I’d undoubtedly have to have, then I’d get interested in torching.

How about you?


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