Does getting older make you less creative?

There’s a huge bruhaha on a lampworking forum–well at least a little bit of a bruhaha–about a comment that was made about age and creativity.  The author seemed to feel that the older you get the less creative you become.  I was just a teensy bit miffed at the statement because I am definitely middle aged.

The real question here though is does age matter at all in terms of creativity?  I just don’t think it does.  I think that your art can only develop and grow as you do.  If you’re an open, creative person to begin with, it seems that you should continue that as you grow older.  One of the most creative people I know is an 82 year old friend of mine.  If I had a miniscule fraction of his talent I would be quite happy.

Tammy (I think it’s Tammy), is right about one thing though.  As our bodies age we may be less able to do certain things.  Can I sit for hours in front of a torch or making chainmaille?  Not really.  Well, I can but I’ll pay for it the next day.  LOL  If I do too much chainmaille with heavy rings my hands hurt the next day or two.  So getting old does have it’s disadvantages.  Does hurting make me less creative?  It actually may increase my creativity because I have to do things a bit differently so I think about them in another way.

The bottom line though is that if you have something to offer the world you have it whether you’re 20 or 80.  Develop it and don’t give a damn what the rest of the world thinks about it.  And don’t make ridiculous value judgements about other people while you’re doing it.


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