More About Hats

Here’s the hat I made most recently:

This hat is made from silk fibers that I hand painted with dye and then laid out for a “fusion” fabric.  This is very much like paper making only I used a textile medium to permanently bond the fibers.  I take the wet fabric and drape it over a prepared mold….a hat form I created.   I let it dry and then peel it from the form and finish it (which usually means I add beads!). 

 I think if you click on the image it might get bigger.


This one is a miniature (brim is 5.5″ total dia)  I made it to honor an additional entry requirement for my last show, “Prairie State Art Fair” held at Arlinton Park Race Track.  We were asked to submit a piece that reflected horses or horse racing.  The title is: “Ladies Day at Arlington Park”.  I’m happy to add that I made the little hat stand, too! I melted a clear rod to create a flat button top for the hat base…then inserted the rod into a hole I drilled in the acylic ice cube.  (You all do have acrylic ice cubes in your stashes, right?)

typihg with a cat licking my fingers.

Tammy Deck


6 responses to “More About Hats

  1. Tammy that’s beautiful! I’ve been lucky enough to see your work in person and it’s absolutely mind boggling. You are an amazing fiber artist!

  2. Deb, I’ll paypal you your $5 for that ego stroke.

  3. WOW!

    I am always amazed when you make these. I’m not a hat person, but I could be converted.


  4. LOL Tammy, it’s only the truth!

  5. I love the direction you’re going with your hats!

    Congrats on the 2nd place ribbon at the Arlington Park Art Fair!

  6. Okay Patty…so check your paypal account for your $5!

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