My class with JC Herrell

Oh my, what a great class!  JC is an absolute sweetheart, a fabulous teacher and makes some beads that are just TDF.  Know those gorgeous egg shaped beads of hers?  I know how to make them.  hahahaha!  LOL  Know that amazing stringer control she has?  I don’t have that at all but I got better.  LOL

She does the most amazing enamel work.  It’s different from other classes I’ve taken where we’ve used enamels and I loved what we did.  She’s also a stickler about safety.  The nurse in me loves that.  No one should ever be using enamels without an N-100 mask on.  Breathing in minute glass particles is a really bad idea.

I think I’ll just show the pics.  I’m not going to give away any of her ‘secrets’ here.  I can’t wait to have some torch time to just sit and play and take notes.

JC introducing herself to us all. JC introducing herself and telling us a little of her ‘glass history.’

 She’s the only one of us who looked cute wearing the N-100!

 We were like flies on **** with her gorgeous beads.


 JC making a bead.

 Back row: Sachiko, Robin and Kathie

                                                                            Front row:  Jennifer, Mari and JC 

I fortuately was the photographer.  I wanted to get a picture of all of us with our masks on and forgot.  I was so fascinated with watching JC actually make the beads that I don’t have pics of those either.

If you ever have a chance to take a class with JC, DO IT! 


One response to “My class with JC Herrell

  1. This was such a great class! I had a great time and JC is so sweet and a wealth of knowledge. I just love her beads. 🙂

    Great seeing you all again!

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