What else do you do?


Come on everyone, I know you do more than just glass!  We all do!  I’d really love to have to go through 10 emails a morning putting them on here telling us all about you.  I’ll even beg.  LOL  I’ll even tell you what I’ve started now.  🙂


All of us at MCC do more than glass and I would guess that most people who are involved in glass do other things as well.  These include bead stringing, PMC, ACEOs, bead crochet, wire work, fusing, resin, chainmaille and I’m sure a ton of things I’m just not thinking of right now.  I’m starting to do felting and I’m interested in doll making as well.  We are a diverse group!

I’m wondering what our readers enjoy doing as well as some of the other people in MCC.  I always feel like I know this group so well and then they continue to surprise me.

So will you pop us a comment and share the things that you like to do?  If you’ve got any favorite magazines, books or websites that are related please share those as well.  I can’t wait!


One response to “What else do you do?

  1. I fuse, paint, woodwork, lampwork, and bead. I am looking forward to learning PMC. Oh, I sew, but not really for fun. LOL

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