More Treasure for my Treasure Bracelets!

Does two mean “rut”? Two is usually my limit. I’ll make two of anything – then I consider myself to be in a rut. I’m trying to break out of that mindset, honest! I’m on my second kumihimo braid right now -does that spell death to kumihimo in my mind automatically? We’ll see … but for now, here’s the second of my finger woven treasure bracelets.

This bracelet was made with waxed linen and some beads that I forget the name of! They are some type of wood. Very light, like bamboo – but not bamboo. (Can you tell it’s past my bed time?) It does utilize one of my lampwork beads as a clasp.


4 responses to “More Treasure for my Treasure Bracelets!

  1. I hope it’s not the end of your making them. You do such a nice job at them. I love those colors together. It’s very ‘spring forrest’ somehow.

  2. Cool bracelet Vikki!

  3. Pretty bracelet! Looks like zebrawood.

  4. It could be … I’m not sure what it’s called. It’s very light, like bamboo or balsa wood

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