Beaded Car Freshener Tutorial. Another use for your lampwork beads!

By: Joanna Mueller

……and yet another use for your lovely lampwork beads!  Add it to your list of quick gifts, and table fillers for craft shows.  These babies move!  You can either sell them as kits for other people to make and give… or you can put them out already made.  Either way, your car will not only smell great, but be adorned with our first love… BEADS!

Step 1:  Make dangles.  Use whatever beads you want and string them on headpins, loop the top and set aside.


Step 2:  Pick a focal bead and string onto a headpin. Loop at BOTH ends.  You can design this part any way you want. Use whatever focal you want to and use whatever accent beads appeal to you.


Step 3:  It’s time to put everything (beads) together.  First, attach a split ring to the bottom loop of your focal piece.  Then, place all dangles onto that split ring and let them hang down.  You will also need to attach a split ring at the top of your focal piece at this point. 


Step 4:  It’s time to attach the lanyard hook to the auto air freshener.After you do that, you will need to also attach that same lanyard hook to the split ring you just put on step 3 (at the bottom of the bead hanger)  (the dangles help cover the lanyard)



Step 5:  You are finished…  Hang it in your car, or wrap gently in a box with tissue paper for a wonderful stocking stuffer gift.  ENJOY!

image6.jpg  image7.jpg   


8 responses to “Beaded Car Freshener Tutorial. Another use for your lampwork beads!

  1. Good idea. Make you car smell good and look pretty at the same time.

  2. I love this JoJo!

    I’m going to show it to Brooke and Keith!

    We sell the lanyard hooks, btw. Oh and beads. LOL.

    One thing you might try is just to replace the spring ring with a large jump ring. I have an aversion to spring rings.

    But I love this idea and I’m gonna try it!

  3. What a great idea, so unusual — I never would have thought of it! Beads belong everywhere 🙂

  4. Great idea Jo!

  5. Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad I came across this website!

  6. Fantastic idea Jo, thanks for sharing!!

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