Chainmaille class

I taught a chainmaille class at Blue Fire Beads today.  It was the first chainmaille I’d taught except as a one on one just to a friend.  We had a blast.  It was a great group.  They did really well and it was just all round fun. 

I’m really glad that I can still teach something.  I loved my job as a nurse educator for the ICU and miss the teaching part of it a lot.  You all know how I like to talk.  LOL  I was even thinking of doing kits for different weaves with a DVD of how to do the weave.  I doubt–know–that I don’t have the skill to do that but it sure would be fun to do. 

Everyone was very intense.  🙂

dscn1043_edited-1.jpg   dscn1044_edited-1.jpg


One response to “Chainmaille class

  1. Bet you’re an awesome teacher Deb. You must have gotten all those hundreds of rings made. What a job!

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