Staying inspired

This seems to be something that I always thought was just me–having trouble staying inspired but I realize it’s a pretty common thing to happen to us all.  How do you cope with it?

We have Mari’s beautiful website to go to.  We have Jennifer’s beautiful pictures to inspire us.  Do those kinds of things really work for you?  I don’t think they do for me.  I feel like I’m having a bad case of winter doldrums and just need spring to make me want to create again.  I thought seeing the sun finally would give a little kick in the tush, but it’s just seeing the sun.  Nothing more. 

This is the time of year when I feel very scattered creatively.  I usually have the pressure of needing to make a certain amount of jewelry for the California gallery but this year there isn’t that pressure.  He’s having a bad winter too.  I decided to try something different but it’s only making me frustrated.  So I joined a game on LE.  I have to make 4 food beads.  All I can think of is to make bagels.  LOL  Real creative, huh?  Brownish disk beads.  Maybe with a few dabs of frit on top to pretend to be sesame seeds or poppy seeds.  NOT.  I need a kick in the butt.

Now I just have to figure out what that kick is going to be. 


4 responses to “Staying inspired

  1. Deb – try trolling around the Food Network website, or Epicurious, or HGTV – you may find that you have to go beyond the bagel!

    For me, inspiration just came in the mail in the form of the “2008 Roots & Rhizomes” catalog ( – the colors of the blooms are yelling at me, yet I can’t get to my torch because the girls are not at their dad’s this weekend and I promised to take them swimming …

  2. I get stuck in ruts too and when I do, I turn to something else in my life to take a break. Perhaps a good book I’ve been meaning to read, or that closet that needs to be cleaned.
    Before you know it, you’re ready to create again! Good luck shaking the bug!

  3. When I read this I immediately put you and food together and thought… SUSHI BEADS!

    When I’m stuck like that it helps me to change my surroundings. Just a walk through the city or some environment that isn’t my norm. Or there’s always Free February at the Art Institute. That does it for me too.

  4. Do a google on Kristi Brokaw.. she’s a gal I know from Glass Stock and makes incredible Sushi beads.

    I also think this too shall pass. I hate when I’m stuck creatively and it happens often.
    Today I stayed in bed because I’m exhausted from the travel day and the nights on a standard bed. Tomorrow, look out world….

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