Last day of shows, tomorrow we come home.

Keith is out shipping the boxes of treasures home, and I have a few minutes before we go to the Best Bead Show. We had a great time at the Holidome yesterday, plus stopped in at Tucson Store Fixture and grabbed some stuff for Brooke’s shows and for the shop. It was fun to see the display stuff in person.

So here are some pics I got at Holidome:


This is a pile of Keishi pearls, I love Keishi! They work especially well with seedbead designs.


This is a partial shot of Benny of Majestic Pearls… he is a great guy and we love to see him each year, he remembers us each time, and all customers love that, don’t we? Right after I took these two shots the PHOTO NAZI came up to me and yelled at me that there were no photos allowed. This guy was just working at the booth across the aisle from Benny. He had all his extra crates in the aisle, and I was parked in my wheelchair, which we rented because my joints are so bad right now.  I explained to him (only since I turned 50 was I empowered enough to do this) that I was taking simple photos of the show, for the folks back home who couldn’t attend but were in the biz. He was a jerk, he got really surly and I put the camera away. I understand about design protection but these were pearls in bags and Benny was ok with it.

Right after that he started re-arranging his crates and hit the wheelchair several times. I called to Keith and he moved me. I was pretty upset, it just felt bad, you know? So we finished up and went out for air and I was ok after that. I took the following outside, they’re not great photos but they give you an idea of the surroundings.


So after we had a bite we went back in and found these gemstone briolettes. Keith and I were looking for briolettes and found some nice Indian guys who worked with us on the prices. From  the top they are Green Amethyst, Pink Topaz, Citrine (2 strands), Blue Topaz, Amethyst and Garnet.


They are so much better in person, I am using Picasa to edit until I get home to load Photo Elements or something better. Hey it was free and I’m doing down and dirty photos on the nightstand!

Now I’d better get my face on before Keith gets back and then we’re off to Best Bead! I am taking photos there, so our little photojournalism stint will go out with a bang!

More later….



3 responses to “Last day of shows, tomorrow we come home.

  1. What an asshat that guy was! Just remember he has to live with himself which must be quite a punishment.
    I’ve had fun seeing your pics and will miss the daily ‘Tuscon Report.’

  2. Thanks so much for the pics Mari! Seeing it makes me really want to go next year.

  3. Mari, looks like you’ve had a terrific time! Can’t wait to see what you bring home. PS: you picked a really COLD day to come home. Travel safely!

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