Passing on Inspiration

I thought it would be cool to do a photo essay of things around my house that inspire me. That way I can share them with everyone… until I can invite you all here to see it for yourself! My house is full of “stuff”. My husband likes to say of my design style that I can “never leave a flat surface alone”. It’s true in almost all things in my life. I’m definitely a maximalist, not a minimalist.

Bing Dual Face Urn

Bing Ceramic Urn. I love the haunting look on the faces. Faces are a common motif in the art I choose.

Ceramic Urn

I don’t remember the name of this artist and I can’t make out the signature. I’ve taken this to my studio many time to try to make a bead with the same design and color, not much success yet but it always takes me in an interesting direction.

My Kingdom for Some Chocolate

This is a painting by L. Martinique called “My Kingdom for Some Chocolate”. It hangs in my office.

Donna Burstein

This one is by Donna Burstein, it’s Untitled. I love the movement in it and her use of color. It hangs over our bed.

Sid Dickens

This is part of my Sid Dickens collection. I don’t buy them anymore but I still love the textures and messages.

Bing Again

This is another Bing, it hangs in our bedroom.

E.G. LaChance

This is one of two paintings I have by St. Louis painter, E.G. LaChance. It’s about 30″ x 30″.

E.G. LaChance Again

This is the other LaChance. I’m working on a set of beads inspired by this painting. I’m doing a bead like each square in the painting using soft glass and enamels. I still have quite a ways to go but when I’m stuck at the torch I do a couple of those and then I’m on track again.

Over the Cabinets

This is what’s on top of my kitchen cabinets. This sort of illustrates the “can’t leave a flat surface alone” comment. Some of it is kitschy, some of it is not but I love it all. I remember each thing, where it came from and what life was like at the time. That’s famed architect I.M. Pei on the urn. The harlequin plate on the left is part of a set of sushi plates made to match my wedding cake by a friend who is a potter.

The View 1

This is the current view from our bedroom deck. That’s Waubonsie Creek. Lots of nature out there for inspiration.

the other view

The view in the other direction. I saw a fox out there on that little “island” this morning but I was too slow with the camera.Moon Man

This guy is rather large, I think he’s 42″ in diameter. He hangs over my kitchen sink and he makes me smile.

I have a lot more but I’ll do the rest later.  Please excuse the poor photo quality, dust, cobwebs or anything else unsightly.  I hope you get some inspired ideas looking at these and I’d love to see someone else do this.  It was fun!


7 responses to “Passing on Inspiration

  1. Great pictures, Jennifer! That should be inspiration for all of us. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. You live right by a creek and complain about living there? I think you’re lucky!

    Thans so much for the inspiration! I’ll bet your house is beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much and yes, I’d be much happier if that creek were Lake Shore Drive or Lincoln Ave. I’m a city girl at heart!

  4. What an awesome collection of art you have, Jennifer. I mean, WOW. I’d love to see your home someday… Oh and the creek… gorgeous. Must be beautiful in the summertime!
    Ok, I’m calling torchnight and Jen’s some summer night! lol hugs

  5. I don’t know about torching at my house, I’ve only got one torch!

    If you really want to see it in the summertime, save the date of July12th! That’s the date of the big party this year and of course, you’re all invited.

  6. Gorgeous art work! I love the Sun the best. He’s a righteous dude. Thanks so much for posting this inspiration! I will print them off and past them to my inspiration book when I get home!

  7. Jennifer, I knew from the very first photo it must be your art collection. Isn’t it funny how we all have a “style”. Beautiful pieces! I can’t leave surfaces or walls alone either. I like to be surrounded by stuff I love.

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