Thursday in Tucson…

Had a great day.. it was 55degrees and sunny. {Ducking}

We went to the Quality Inn Show, (formerly the Rodeway Inn), which is also a Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers Show. If you’ve never been to the Gem shows in Tucson, the G&LW is a wholesale only show, and not open to the public. You must have proof you’re a business but this includes designers. Basically you need a tax i.d.

So in case you haven’t been to a large show, the exhibitors are from all over the world, and you will hear many languages going at once. Some of the tents are like semi-permanent buildings, and some are quiet warm from all the halogen lighting. Shuttles carry the many thousands of people from parking lots all over. I have a handicapped sticker so we lucked out today and got a spot up front.

Some of the vendors have their stuff meticulously laid out and organized…


And some of them… not so much.



As you can see it was pretty slow at this show!

So we bought lots of goodies!

Hill Tribe and Bali Silver, Fimo and Furnace Glass, it was so much fun. It will take a couple of weeks to merchandise all the stuff! I also got some kewl fabric for Brooke’s show table. I almost got these awesome abalone shells for displays but I was too pooped, so I will get some at Holidome tomorrow if I can find them, or else go back and get em on Saturday.

Miss you all!



One response to “Thursday in Tucson…

  1. Must be disappointing for the vendors if it is slow, but good for you. Must be easier to concentrate on your purchases when you don’t have to fight a crowd. Hope all the shows overall do a good business though.

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