More pics.. Swarovski and Pansies

We had a wonderful day today… we went out to the Omni Golf Resort (stunningly beautiful resort), where the Swarovski Create Your Style show was. Well, we hooked up with a great wholesaler, one of their 5 star companies, and explored new ideas for us to merchandise, and of course, get better prices and selection. Sometimes we can’t get the colors we need or the newest shapes, etc., so we’re going to try this new company.

Here are some pics from their main exhibit… they were all in large vertical cases and I suppose they made them eye level, but I’m short, so eye level for me is somewhat lower.. I did my best to photo them.






This last one is a lobster! Amazing work there, this was only half of what was on display. There were also classes available, but I didn’t know, so next year I will register. The classes were affordable.. $50 and up including materials. There were a few rings, necklaces and bracelets I’d love to learn.

By now you’re wondering what the ? What about the pansies? Well, I went outside to sit, my back and knees are just killing me from all the walking, and Keith went to get the car. The weather is beautiful.. 50’s and sunny. Ya, I’m sorry Chicagoans, it’s gorgeous here, but I’m sharing these pansies which were in the planters outside.


I’ll post again soon. After the Create Your Own Style show, we went to the Whole Bead Show and I saw Karen Ovington, we had a nice visit… she was sharing a booth/room with Cindy McEwen but I missed Cindy, darnit! Love to all!



5 responses to “More pics.. Swarovski and Pansies

  1. Wow! That stuff is amazing!
    The pansies are pretty, too!

  2. Holy sh*t! Those are stunning. Love the lobster. I’m glad you’re having good weather. You’re lucky you’re not in Chicago!

  3. OMG.. how absolutely gorgeous! So glad you’re sharing the eyecandy with us! Thanks Mari!

  4. Wow! Imagine how that display shines. Wonderful pieces!

  5. Wow! I love the zipper neck piece. What a great idea!

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