First pics from Tucson…

Well, thanks to Jason Jones, I found a pic resizer to use… by the time I got it loaded last nite I was too tired, so here are the first pics from your Tucson correspondent.

Hover over these thumbnails.. or double click. 

The condo, with the mountains in the background.


These are all turquoise, in cabs, some large chunky round discs that have a hole in them, for easy stringing, and the last one is something a customer requested, some large slices of turquoise.


Last is a stone that we got that is hard to describe… the pic doesn’t do it justice.. it’s unbelievably gorgeous, polished and just…. cool! Colors are black veining on opal grey.

So that’s it for yesterday… I didn’t have time/energy last nite to take pics of the pearls and other stones we got. At least 50 lbs in the three bags.

More to come… with people and shows…



5 responses to “First pics from Tucson…

  1. Looks yummy, Mari. Don’t you just want to put it in bed and roll in it? LOL I’m always like that with the things I buy at Bead and Button.

  2. Way to go Mari, those are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see them all up close.

    I’m with you Deb. I could go to one of those shows with bags of money and probably spend it all.

    Have fun at the shows today!

  3. Oh oh oh… those shiney green turquoise cabs are TDF! I can’t wait to see what you bring home. I’m with Jen… I would spend it ALL if I were there! *green with jealousy* HAVE FUN!

  4. Mari, the condo looks fantastic. What a view!

    I’m loving the triangular turquoise cabs! Can’t wait to see all the goodies you bring back.

  5. Man it looks gorgeous out there! The scenery as well as the beadies! Thanks for the update!

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