WooHoo!  Mari and Keith went to Tuscon this morning.  Mari promised to be our ‘Tuscon Correspondent’ and I can’t wait for the first installment.  I would guess we won’t see anything tonight. 

 Going to Tuscon is one of my dreams.  My friend Marilyn and I always talked about doing it ‘next year’ and for her next year won’t be happening.  I swore that if she was still alive by this February I was going to get her there one way or the other but it wasn’t meant to be.  I will go someday but it won’t be the same without her.

Does anyone else have as damned much trouble doing their business stuff as I do?  (Mari and Keith YOU can’t answer this question.  LOL)  I was fine as long as it was all beads and findings and things like that.  Now I am buying sterling silver wire in the 35-40 ounce range and making jumprings.  Of course, I use some of it as just plain wire and I’ve also bought jumprings.  That doesn’t take into account the base metal jumprings either.  I have a lot that are annodyzed aluminium and some that are niobium.  The aluminium ones I bought by the bag, not by the ounce.  The niobium were by the ounce.  Arrrrrgggggghhhh!  I spent the afternoon weighing things.  Decided to convert the bag ones into ounce ones because it’s going to be hard enough for my pea brain to keep track of it anyway.  And what do I call the wire that I’ve already turned into jumprings?  Is it catagorized under wire or rings?  And what do I do with the wire I buy to turn into rings…and so on and so on.  I’m sure that once I get a system figured out it’ll be fine but until then I could scream.  Then Don tells me that I need to account for my seed beads somehow too.  Really?  All million of them?  LOL  I can’t even do a good guestimate for them.  I’m not liking this at all.  I planned on a lot of other things for today and that was nowhere on my list.

So how was YOUR day?


3 responses to “Tuscon

  1. HA! Please don’t tell my hubby about the inventory thing. I’ve been able to get away with just ignoring it for the past 5 years and I dread the day when he goes in and actually looks at the drawers and drawers filled with hundreds of pounds of glass. If I have to weigh it, I will scream.

  2. Oh Lordy Lori…I have to pretend glass just doesn’t exist! It’s all over my dining room. I do have a not very up to date spread sheet but oh my…I can only deal with one mess at a time.

  3. I feel your pain!!

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