For your inspiration….

ss10.jpgAs some of you know, I really love fractal images. I found a great site a while back and would like to share it with you. The color inspiration alone is worth saving or even printing to put at your bench or on the walls.

One of the things on my to do list is find a source for large inexpensive frames for the walls of the store and studio and an affordable large format local printer.. I have to do some research. I would love to frame some of these fractals to put on the walls of my studio to inspire me. I have stacks of them I’ve printed at 8 x 10 but I want larger.

So if you know of any sources… holler at me here.

OK, here’s the link:




7 responses to “For your inspiration….

  1. That’s beautiful!!!

  2. I love fractal art too! Thanks for sharing the link- eye candy for days!

  3. Oh, that’s GORGEOUS! Of course I love the purple and green, but throw the rest in, and that’s magic! 😀

  4. Yikes! I just accidentally hit delete instead of approve for a comment left by Wiley. I apologize for that! Not enough coffee yet, I guess.

  5. Hah, these things used to make my head spin, until I started lampworking… now they’re pure inspiration! Thanks for sharing that site!!

  6. Oh, makes me want to torch. OK, well most things make me want to torch, but that is really inspirational.

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