Jennifer goes to the dark side (boro)!

Brent Graber Heart

I took a class last week that just blew my mind. The class was two days with Brent Graber at Mari’s studio. It was my very first time melting borosilicate glass (Deb calls it “the dark side”) and while I’m still excited and intrigued by glass every day this was a whole new level of WOW!

As far as sculpting and shaping goes, it seems easier. It’s far more stiff than soft glass and easier to freeze that exact moment in time. It’s less shocky and more forgiving. The hard part comes in getting the good color, as far as I can tell.

So one week after the class and boro is all I can think about. I’m getting tanked oxygen in my studio today (my oxycon isn’t strong enough) and I can’t wait to go play. I’m taking all boro to open torch tomorrow and perhaps I’ll even work on my implosions, which were dreadful in class. I hope to try some mandrels too since all I did was off mandrel in the class.

The picture is a heart Brent made for me. I tried to buy one from him in Tucson last year. I wasn’t crazy about the colors he had left and I wanted horns on mine so he said he would make one. I waited and waited, reminded and cajoled… but in typical artist fashion, he just never got it to me. I mentioned this in class, of course, and he said he would make me one before class was over. True to his word I sat right behind him while he created this. I told him I wanted the horns, the wings AND the tail. You can never have enough cow bell, right? After he finished I took a look and it’s the most gorgeous heart I’d ever seen. He wouldn’t even let me pay him for it. He also gave away everything he made in the class.

Thanks to Brent for the heart and for turning me onto boro and very special thanks to Mari, who insists I’m a boro savant even though I don’t feel like one. I’ll post pics of what I create at open torch. Perhaps not only can you watch me create, you can watch my work evolve!


3 responses to “Jennifer goes to the dark side (boro)!

  1. OMG! You too! The darkside is calling…

  2. Mwahhh ha ha ha ha!!
    Welcome to the dark side Jen!
    You’ll love it here!

  3. Yes, Jen, get comfortable because I think you’re going to be here for quite a while. Don’t try to fight it…. you’re the new bo-ho!
    Great job, AND you’re doing a great job!!!

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