Back to the future

On ‘Flaming Hot’ the question of the week was what would your studio be like in 5 years.  Ummmm….maybe a lot cleaner?  LOL  I’d like to have a lot more storage and have it a lot more organized.  I’d like to have my torching space set up perfectly.  Is there any such thing?  I want the best ventilation.  I want the best kiln.  I want all the glass in the world.  I can picture the walls having all sorts of bead porn on them and maybe Tink’s torcher somewhere.  🙂  What I’d really like is just for it to be a space where I can create as well as have inspiration to create.


One response to “Back to the future

  1. I’m with you Deb. My studio is an unused bedroom in the house and when I first started I thought it was so big. Now, I’ve already outgrown it. The best thing about it is the view. It over looks the creek behind our house and it’s gorgeous no matter what time of year. Unfortunately I’d much rather be looking out on the view from my old apartment on LSD… Looking west from the 19th floor. I’m always more inspired by city things, I’m just not a nature gal.

    So in 5 years I would love to have a loft studio space in the city overlooking all kinds of hustle and bustle with the perfect ventilation system, great torches for me and friends, all the glass I could ever want, the perfect kiln, PMC area, seed bead area, and so on. Now to make it happen!

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