Snow, snow go away…

Friday is Open Torch at BlueFire Beads and it’s supposed to SNOW.  A LOT of snow!  Maybe I’ll just toss an extra pair of undies in with my stuff in case I can’t get home.  I don’t think I want to give up going there just in case a little snow happens.  Hope we can all get there and home OK.

I forgot to tell you all about my new stamps–postage stamps that I had made at  They can make all sorts of different things with your logo on them.  They’re a little pricey but just soo cool.  Imagine…USPS with ME or at least my business on it.  Is this not totally cool?



2 responses to “Snow, snow go away…

  1. Ugh! I just read the weather. 6-8 inches for my county and 8-12 for Mari’s. I’m still planning on going. That’s what 4WD is for, right?!

  2. Ya, I’m not happy about this snow. It’s killing business!!! It’s snowing like a mofo out there now, we just came home, I put on pj’s and got into bed… my feet are so cold, I am not getting up.

    Did some pretty cool stuff today, it’s in the kiln. Hope it all turned out. Lots of shards were blown, I used fine silver wire, silvered glass. Hope they’re good. I have to have stuff for Tucson!

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